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Above ground Pool Maintenance

As a new pool owner we hope that you, your family and friends get many hours of enjoyment from your new swimming pool.  The best kind of fun is SAFE FUN, so please remember to maintain the following general safety rules when using your pool. 

  • Do not leave children/non-swimmers unattended
  • Make sure a first aid kit is available for accidents
  • Do not allow diving in shallow water
  • Do not use the pool during an electrical storm
  • Do not use electrical appliances near the pool
  • Avoid the use of glass in and around the pool

Follow this step-by-step above ground pool care guide to help you achieve and maintain safe, sparkling and algae free water, while also protecting your investment.

Looking after your pool water is easy, but it will require a little regular attention.  Once you have assembled your pool, there are three key elements, which should work in harmony:

  • Filtration & Circulation
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Testing Water


Your pool will probably be supplied with a filtration system, usually a cartridge or a sand filter.  When you run the pump, water is drawn from the pool and passed through the filter before returning to the pool.  The filter will collect small particles, debris, insects and dead algae thus removing them from the water to keep it clear.

  • TIP 1
    Run your filtration/circulation system every day for enough time to turn the complete capacity of the pool over at least once and ideally 1.5 times. For most above ground pools this is typically 4 hours per day.

  • TIP 2
    After prolonged or excessive pool use on ‘balmy summer days’ consider extending the filtration/circulation running time.


It is essential to add chemicals to your pool to ensure that the water is safe for bathers and to create and maintain comfortable bathing conditions.

For more information on pool chemicals click on 'Pool Chemicals' within the Chemicals and Water Testing section.


Regular testing of your pool water is quick and easy using 4-way test strips.  We recommend that as a pool owner you should check the water on a daily basis.   You may be able to reduce this to twice a week when you start to become more confident with your pool water treatment.

By regularly testing your water you will soon learn how various techniques like topping your pool up with fresh water and bather usage affects your pool water test readings.

Here at Barton Lake, we understand the importance of maintaining your water in perfect condition.  This is why we offer a free ‘water test’ at any time (including weekends) to our customers.  With our on-site laboratory, we are able to gain quick results from a water sample and advice accordingly.  

A member of our experienced team is available 7 days a week to offer advice and suggest the correct chemicals and dosage required to correct any imbalance you may be experiencing in your pool water.

For more details on Water testing, please go to our ‘Water Testing’ Section on our website.  Here you will find all the information you need to ensure you have perfect pool water and you will also find out what services we offer at Barton Lake to help and guide you to crystal clear, healthy water.

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