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Above Ground Pool Models

There are two basic types of above ground pools; Wooden framed or Metal framed.  Both types offer an array of unique features and it is usually personal preference that influences our customers' final decision on what type to purchase.

Wooden Frame

SunsokaSpata Gold Winner


The Sunsoka range of self build pools offers you a varied choice of wooden style pools that look simply stunning in the garden.   A quality pool that will give you pleasure, fun and exercise season after season.

The Sunsoka pools are proving extremely popular with their ability to be sited above ground, but also totally or partly sunken in-ground.

Each pool is sold as a self build kit which you can personally erect yourselves or Stephen Chamberlain Technical Services can of course provide an experienced team to take this task off your hands.  All timber used in the shell of the Sunsoka is grade 1 redwood pine engineered with a duplex, double tongue and groove system so that each rail simply slots into place. This system also provides added strength to the overall construction and has been pressure treated to offer a 10-year warranty to meet the demands of the U.K climate.

Dimensions metric(m)

Dimensions imperial (ft)

Internal wall to wall (ft)


3.9 x 3.9 12' 10" x 12' 10" 11' 2"
4.5 x 3.9 14' 10" x 12' 10" 13' 2"
5.36 x 5.36 17' 6" x 17' 6" 15' 9"
6.3 x 3.9 20' 8" x 12' 10" 19'
8.4 x 4.8 27' 6" x 15' 9" 26' x 14'
10 x 8.25 32' 6" x 27' 31' 4" x 25' 4"
Sunsoka Sport    
4.4 x 2.64 14' 7" x 8' 8" 13' x 7'
Sunsoka Vitality    
3.9 x 3.9 12' 10" x 12' 10" 11' 2" x 11' 2"
5.36 x 5.36 17' 6" x 17' 6" 15' 9" x 15' 9"

There are a host of pool options available to make your Sunsoka pool more enjoyable:

  • Heat Pump - very efficient way to heat your pool
  • Electric Heater - sizes available to suit all pools
  • Cruiser Automatic Cleaner - removes task of manually cleaning pool
  • Underwater Lighting - add some lighting to your pool
  • Counter Current Swim Jet - swim against a current
  • Solar Cover Rollers - will glide the solar cover off the pool so easily
  • Extra Depth Kit - increasing overall depth of pool
  • Filter Housing - houses pump, filter and heating options
  • Electric Control Box - for heater, lights & filter pump

pdfClick here to view the NEW Sunsoka 2010 Brochure

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Metal Frame

Metal Frame Above Ground Pool


With colour co-ordinated wall and framework combination, the Regatta pools lend themselves to an attractive garden setting.   Sizes range from Round 12' to Oval 33' x 18'.


A more robust pool, the Equinox sports the latest materials and Vinyl Plexi-Coat finishes, which results in a product that performs as well as it looks for years to come.   The Equinox has a pool wall depth of 52" giving you the most swimming freedom.   Sizes range from Round 12' to Oval 33' x 18'.


The new Mirage model represents the latest innovation, design and technology in above ground pools.  Constructed using injection moulded technology, the components are curved to the natural shape of the swimming pool.   This provides less component stress and a much more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing appearance.   Sizes range from Round 15' to Oval 15' x 28'.


The original Splasher pool is particularly suitable for young children due to a depth of only 3' and represents excellent value for money.   Sizes range from Round 12' to 15' and Depth's of 36" and 42".

The original Splasher Pool package includes:

  • Pool
  • Pump
  • Ladder
  • Over the wall skimmer with integral filter cartridge

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