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Hot Tub chemicals

Here at Barton Lake, over time, we have tried and tested many spa products and chemicals and so are confident in our recommendation that ‘SpaGuard®’ products are the most superior on the market and offer our customers the best value for money.

Why Chemical Maintenance?

Many factors can affect the health of your spa - and the people in it.  The warmth and moisture offer an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, algae and fungi.  They can spread disease and infection to humans.  The life of your spa and your enjoyment of it can be greatly reduced by chemically related problems such as staining, clogging filters, etc.  Regular chemical maintenance will preserve your investment and add to your enjoyment.  The SpaGuard Spa Care System fulfils the special needs of spas.  But, it takes more than just chemical treatments to achieve the ideal spa bathing conditions.

SpaGuard products are manufactured to provide the spa owner with a full range of concentrated
products for essential and optimum bather and equipment protection.  They are presented in easy
to use packaging and the containers have a visual strip to assist dosing and application. 

Spa maintenance is important - and relatively easy - as long as you know what to do.

This guide will help. By following these easy procedures and using SpaGuard products, you can:

  • Keep your spa water protected from bacteria
  • Keep your spa water clear and comfortable
  • Protect your investment in your spa and equipment

Even if your spa is equipped with an ozone generator (or some form of ion device), you still need to pay attention to these key maintenance areas.  Of course, every spa is different, so you should consult your spa owner’s manual for equipment operation and maintenance procedures.  Always read product labels for detailed information on SpaGuard chemical application and feel free to ask us any questions you may have. Because we all want the same thing ...

A perfect spa environment whenever you’re ready to explore the fine art of relaxation.

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It Takes…

Every day, bacteria and other contaminants can find their way into your spa water. Proper circulation will prevent these contaminants from becoming a problem.  As water circulates, it passes through the filter, which traps suspended particles.  Circulation will also ensure thorough distribution of the SpaGuard products that kill bacteria and eliminate undesirable compounds.

What you need to do:

  • Run your spa’s circulation system every day.
  • If your spa has a separate circulation pump that runs continuously, simply make sure that your system is always in good working order.

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Most spa problems are caused by poor or insufficient filtration.  A filter that is operating properly helps keep water clean by capturing the suspended particles.  When the filter is dirty or clogged, the filter’s efficiency and water circulation will be adversely affected and the water quality will deteriorate, becoming dull and lifeless.  Most domestic spas have a cartridge filter.  Check your owner’s manual for detailed information on how to remove the cartridge element for cleaning.  Typically, you should clean the cartridge every 4-6 weeks.

What you need to do:

  • Remove the cartridge element (always wear gloves when handling the cartridge element).
  • Rinse with a garden hose to remove loose debris.  A hose-end nozzle is best - a pressure washer has too much pressure.  (Note: this will not eliminate the accumulated oils).
  • Every time you clean your cartridge element, use SpaGuard Filter Brite as per directions on the sachet.  This will dissolve the built-up oils and dirt.
  • Thoroughly rinse the cartridge element again and allow it to dry before being returned to service.  We recommend that you have two sets of cartridge elements so while one set is being cleaned and allowed to dry the other set can be in service, thus eliminating periods of time when the spa has to be taken out of commission.
  • Return the cartridge element to the filter housing.
  • Replace the cartridge element as often as recommended by the manufacturer or by us.
  • Use SpaGuard Polysheen weekly.  Some particles of debris are microscopic and too small for the filter to catch.  Polysheen will help bind these particles together making them larger and therefore easier for the filter to remove, creating crystal clear water.
Filtration Dosage Rates
Product Pack How Often Target Dosage
SpaGuard Filter Brite 100g 4 - 6 Weeks N/A 100g per 20 litres of water
SpaGuard Polysheen 1ltr InitialWeekly N/AN/A 20ml per 1,000 litres of water
10ml per 1,000 litres of water

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If left unchecked, contaminants such as dirt, oil and even bacteria can accumulate at the waterline, much like a bathtub ring.  Regular cleaning of the spa preserves the surfaces so the whole spa environment looks and feels better.

What you need to do:

  • Use a skimmer net to remove floating debris.
  • Brush and vacuum spa.
  • If you have a skimmer basket, empty it once or twice a week.

Clean the waterline weekly using SpaGuard Surface Cleaner.  This fast-acting product removes oil and debris and leaves behind a film helping to reduce future deposits.  Household cleaners must not be used for cleaning spa surfaces because, unlike SpaGuard Surface Cleaner, they are not compatible with your spa water chemistry.

Cleaning Dosage Rates
Product Pack How Often Target Dosage
SpaGuard Surface Cleaner 1ltr Weekly N/A As required

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Tap water that’s safe to drink may not be right for your spa.  Testing is the only way to be sure your spa water is properly balanced.  Barton Lake offers computerised spa water analysis to detect mineral or metal imbalances and offer solutions to other problems that can shorten the life of your spa and its equipment.  We recommend that you bring a water sample to us every 4 - 6 weeks and certainly every time the spa is emptied and refilled.  It is also important that you have and use an accurate test kit for checking pH and sanitiser levels. These tests should be undertaken daily to ensure that your spa water is safe and comfortable to bathe in.

Within the range, we offer water testing apparatus that is quick and easy to use.

4-Way Test Strips - A quick and easy way to test your spa water, these test strips will check Free chlorine or bromine, pH and Total Alkalinity.  Simply dip a test strip into your spa water and remove immediately, wait 15 seconds and compare colour of pads with the standards printed on the bottle.

1200V Residential Test Kit - For those of you who, would like to test more of the waters properties and get a more accurate picture of what condition your spa water is in then the 1200V is the answer.  It tests for Free chlorine or bromine, pH, acid demand, alkali demand and Total Alkalinity.  The advantage of checking acid and alkali demand is that you can calculate the amount of pH adjusters required to correct the pH level.

What you need to do:

  • Test pH and sanitiser levels daily.
  • Every 4 - 6 weeks and every time the spa is refilled bring a water sample to us for a full water analysis.

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SpaGuard products provide numerous benefits. When used according to label instructions, SpaGuard products will:

  • Make your spa water feel clean and comfortable
  • Kill bacteria, which can multiply rapidly in a spa
  • Protect spa surfaces from stains caused by metals
  • Protect spa equipment from scale deposits or from corrosion.

For your convenience, ‘SpaGuard’ products are colour coded to show the different product categories:

  • Water Balance products to make the water feel wonderful, and protect the spa surfaces and equipment.
  • Sanitisers to kill bacteria and keep the water safe for bathers.
  • Oxidisers to remove undesirable, non-filterable wastes from the water and create comfortable and sparkling water.
  • Accessories to keep the spa and equipment clean, to enhance water clarity and to combat unsightly foam.

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Water Balance:
Balancing the spa water after filling or refilling the spa is the key to making maintenance easy.  Correct water balance provides the ideal conditions for chemicals to work effectively, to protect the spa finish and equipment and to ensure bather comfort.

Ideal Spa Water balance Readings
Test Ideal Reading
Total Alkalinity 125 - 150mg/l (ppm)
Calcium Hardness 100  200mg/l (ppm)
pH 7.5 pH 7.5

Cyanuric Acid 60mg/l (ppm)
Total Dissolved Solids 1500mg/l (ppm) Max.

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Total Alkalinity:
SpaGuard Balance Pak 100 will raise Total Alkalinity to the ideal level, (see table, Ideal Spa Water Balance Readings).  Using Balance Pak 100 to maintain the correct Total Alkalinity will help to keep a more stable pH level, reduce the risk of staining and help protect the spa finish and support equipment.

Calcium Hardness:
Low Calcium Hardness levels can lead to the damaging of the spa shell finish and equipment.  SpaGuard Balance Pak 300 will raise Calcium Hardness to an acceptable level, (see table, Ideal Spa Water Balance Readings).  High levels of Calcium Hardness will cause scale formation leading to rough surfaces and dull, cloudy looking water.  When high levels of Calcium Hardness are experienced, use SpaGuard Stain & Scale Control.

The pH scale has a range of 0 - 14, with 7.0 being neutral. Water with a pH below 7.0 is acidic and above 7.0 is alkaline or base. For spas, the ideal level is 7.5 which, being slightly alkaline, protects the spa finish and equipment from corrosion and provides optimum bather comfort. A number of factors can affect the pH level of your spa water, such as dilution with fresh water, introduction of air, chemicals and algae, so it is important that it is checked on a regular basis.

SpaGuard Balance Pak 200 - Is used to raise the pH when the level drops below the ideal range.

SpaGuard Lo ‘n’ Slo - Lowers the pH level when it rises above the ideal range.  Lo ‘n’ Slo is also used to lower the Total Alkalinity level if necessary, seek advice from us.

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Metals present in spa water can cause unsightly staining, this occurrence can easily be avoided with the use of SpaGuard Stain & Scale Control

Bather Comfort:
SpaGuard Optimiser Plus - Optimiser Plus will greatly enhance your bathing enjoyment by adding a pleasant, subtle fragrance and making the water feel softer, as well as reducing the drying effects on the skin and hair that sanitisers can have.  It also removes carbon dioxide from the water, one of the ingredients that algae need to thrive, and therefore reduces the risk of an algae attack.  Optimiser Plus also improves water clarity by making minerals such as calcium more soluble.  An added benefit is that when added to your spa, Optimiser Plus helps protect your heater element from corrosion.

Water Balance Readings
Product Pack Target Dosage
SpaGuard Balance Pak 100 1kg 125 - 150 mg/l 18g per 1,000 litres will increase Total Alkalinity by 10mg/l
SpaGuard Balance Pak 300 1kg 100 - 200 mg/l 15g per 1,000 litres will increase Calcium Hardness by 10mg/l
SpaGuard Stain & Scale Control 1ltr N/A Initial dose 25ml per 1,000 litres / Weekly 15ml per 1,000 litres
SpaGuard Balance Pak 200 1kg 7.5 11g per 1,000 litres, repeat as necessary
SpaGuard Lo ‘n’ Slo 1.5kg 7.5 11g per 1,000 litres, repeat as necessary
SpaGuard Optimiser Plus 1kg N/A Initial 200g per 1,000 litres / Weekly 40g per 1,000 litres

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The SpaGuard goal is to ensure bather safety by maintaining 24-hour bacteria killing.  This is essential in spas where high water temperatures provide the ideal environment for bacteria to develop and multiply if correct sanitiser levels are not maintained.  To maintain the correct level there is a choice of sanitisers, one chlorine based and the other bromine.

Commissioning a New Spa:
If your spa is new it is vital that you chlorinate using SpaGuard Chlorinated Concentrate upon the first filling of your spa with water.  The recommended level for this shock treatment is: 50mg/l for a period of 1 hour or 20 mg/l for a period of 2 hours.  Whilst the chlorine levels are high the water should be circulated.  Before bathing commences ensure the Chlorine level has reduced to the target level.

SpaGuard Chlorinated Concentrate - A traditional chlorine donor in granular form that is totally soluble and contains stabilizer to minimise chlorine loss to sunlight. Chlorinated Concentrate granules have a pH value close to neutral so they will have little effect when added to your spa.

SpaGuard Fizzy Tabs - Fast dissolving effervescent chlorine tablets.  They are a convenient method for quickly boosting chlorine levels.

SpaGuard Smart Tabs - Small Chlorine Tablets with SmartGuard.

Features Benefits
Contains SmartGuard Controls costs, consistent chlorination.
Allows spa owners to spend less
time taking care of their spa.
Hydraulically compressed Dissolves evenly, consistent
chlorination. Long lasting.
85% Available
Chlorine Content
Economical form.
Dissolves slowly Use less. Minimal pH effect.
Characteristics: 20g Tablet / pH 2.9

These economical and easy-to-use chlorine tablets are applied directly to the spa via your skimmer or chlorine tablet feeder.  They dissolve slowly and evenly to give consistent and long lasting chlorination with minimal effect on pH value.

SpaGuard Brominating Concentrate - This unique technology provides you with bromine in a convenient granular form, which makes application easy as it can be dosed directly into the spa water without having to pre-dissolve or apply via a chemical feeder.  Bromine is an effective sanitiser, which is not as pH sensitive as chlorine, and its reduced odour creates a pleasant bathing environment.  A double dose of Brominating Concentrate can also serve as a ‘shock’ treatment for badly contaminated spa water.

SpaGuard Brominating Tablets - Spa Disinfectant

Features Benefits
based sanitiser
Less pH dependent.
Less odour and irritation.
More enjoyment.
Less pH
Continues to kill and control bacteria
so water is safe. Fewer problems.
Less worry.
No residue Won’t cloud water.
Totally soluble Easier to use.
Characteristics: 20g Tablet / pH 4.0

An effective bromine based sanitiser available in convenient tablet form.  They are totally soluble to give clear, clean and safe water with less odour than chlorine-based products.

Bayroplus Spa & Bayroklar Spa Tablet

Complementary products which have been specially developed to make spa water care safe and effective while being kind and gentle to users.

  • Pour Bayroplus Spa long lasting activator into your hot tub at a dose rate of 20ml per 1000ltr weekly. For your convenience each capholds approximately 20ml.
  • Prior to bathing in your hot tub add one Bayroklar Spa Tablet (10g) per 1000ltr in your floating dispenser or tablet buoy. During periods of heavy use this dosage should be doubled to two tablets.
  • Each week and before dosing with Bayroklar Spa tablets, check the PH value. Also check the levels of Active Oxygen are above 5mg/l.

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The importance of regularly oxidising your spa water cannot be overstated. Through spa usage and airborne pollution, wastes that the filter cannot remove accumulate. Regular oxidisation will destroy these waste compounds, improve your bathing experience and promote better water clarity.

SpaGuard Spa Lite - Non-filterable wastes accumulate in spa water making it appear dull and lifeless, Spa Lite is a powerful oxidiser that restores water sparkle making it look more inviting.  More than just an oxidiser it has built in clarifiers that work within the water helping the filter in removing suspended matter and therefore stopping it becoming a source of food that will encourage bacteria and algae to grow.  Spa Lite will also destroy chloramines thus eliminating odours and stinging eyes.

Another major benefit is that you can get back in the spa just 15 minutes after application, so no more having to wait for chlorine or bromine levels to drop and missing out on valuable bathing time.

Oxidiser Dosage Rates
Product Pack Target Dosage
SpaGuard Spa Lite 35g N/A 35g per 1,500 litres per week

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AquaGarde is a revolutionary step forward in simplifying how you deal with the water in your hot tub. The patented advanced formula balances and purifies your spa water automatically. It combats and deters dangerous bacteria build up quickly and effectively, whilst leaving your skin feeling silky soft, fresh and hydrated with no chemical smell. Ideal for a family with 2.4 children who bathe in the hot tub 3 times a week.

A primary component in the formulation of the the AquaGarde technology is silver, a noble and precious metal. Silver coins were used in centuries past as a natural way of preventing bacteria from developing in water containers. Today silver is also used as a primary sanitiser or purifying ingredient in a variety of cosmetics and hospital equipment products.

Silver provides proven bather protection, it kills harmful bacteria that cause problems for spa owners, and will complement the use of ozone systems in all hot tubs. AquaGarde Advanced Formula with silver is a safe and comprehensive water management system when used in conjunction with a holistic approach to hot tub cleanliness: responsible bathing practices, ozonation and/or sanitisers, effective pump circulation and filtration.

Each bottle is sufficient for your spa for two to three months, no additives, no purifiers or shock, no stabilisers. The formula is designed to replace most of the numerous products that are commonly used in the spa. To make it simple use the specially designed measuring cup and treat yourself and your spa to worry free enjoyment.

Within the range of SpaGuard Accessories are products for cleaning the spa surfaces and filter cartridges.  There are also products to improve water clarity and prevent unsightly foam from ever becoming a problem.

SpaGuard Filter Brite - Keeping your spa filter clean is vitally important if good water quality is going to be achieved, (see Filtration section) and Filter Brite is the easiest and most effective way to clean your cartridge filter element. Supplied in a 100g sachet means application is simple.  All you have to do is add 1 x 100g sachet to a bucket containing 20 litres of water then immerse your cartridge element in the solution and leave it to soak overnight.  Next morning rinse the cartridge element thoroughly and allow it to dry before returning it to the filter housing.  Filter Brite will rid your cartridge element of scale, oils and greases and restore filter efficiency.

SpaGuard Surface Cleaner - Around the waterline deposits of debris, oils and greases can accumulate providing the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and making the spa look uninviting, (see Cleaning section).  Surface Cleaner removes oils and greases improving the appearance of the spa and eliminating hidden microbes.  Being a non-abrasive formulation means that there is no risk of damage to your spa finish and the invisible shield that Surface Cleaner leaves behind means that there is less build up of waterline deposits in the future.

SpaGuard Polysheen - Concentrated and highly effective dual performance clarifier for superb clarity and water that sparkles.  Polysheen can be used to restore water clarity in a problem spa or ideally used as a weekly treatment to maintain sparkling water and enhance your bathing experience.

SpaGuard Antifoam - Foam appearing on the water surface can be unsightly and can easily be remedied by using fast acting Antifoam.

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Spa Water Care:
To make purchasing spa chemicals easy, SpaGuard have developed four spa water care kits, two starter packs and two maintenance packs.  These kits contain some of the products essential in spa maintenance all packed in a convenient box, see below for details of kit contents.

Chlorine Starter Kit
SpaGuard Balance Pak 200 500g
SpaGuard Lo ‘n’ Slo 750g
SpaGuard Chlorinated Concentrate 500g
SpaGuard Spa Lite 35g x 4
SpaGuard Filter Brite 100g
SpaGuard Antifoam 500ml
4-Way Test Strips 50 strips

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Bromine Starter Kit
SpaGuard Balance Pak 200 500g
SpaGuard Lo ‘n’ Slo 750g
SpaGuard Brominating Concentrate 500g
SpaGuard Spa Lite 35g x 4
SpaGuard Filter Brite 100g
SpaGuard Antifoam 500ml
4-Way Test Strips 50 strips

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Chlorine Maintenance Kit
SpaGuard Optimiser Plus 1kg
SpaGuard Chlorinated Concentrate 1kg
SpaGuard Spa Lite 35g x 4
SpaGuard Filter Brite 100g
SpaGuard Antifoam 1ltr
4-Way Test Strips 50 strips

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Bromine Maintenance Kit
SpaGuard Optimiser Plus 1kg
SpaGuard Brominating Concentrate 500g
SpaGuard Spa Lite 35g x 4
SpaGuard Filter Brite 100g
SpaGuard Antifoam 1ltr
4-Way Test Strips 50 strips

For an extra-sensual spa experience, there’s nothing like enjoying a beautiful fragrance as
it wafts from the hot, bubbling water.  The Scentsations range of spa fragrances consists of eight scents.  The hothouse scents of Gardenia or Tropicana create an exotic atmosphere, the warm scent of peach is reminiscent of the Mediterranean and Honeysuckle evokes an English Country garden in the summer.  Other scents include spring rain, herbal, alpine forest and musk.  The scents are available in 29ml samples or a standard 236ml bottle.  The skin friendly formula of Scentsations is fully compatible with water treatment chemicals and spa equipment.

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Regular draining and refilling is a normal part of spa maintenance.  Over time, the water absorbs and dissolves minerals, chemicals and other soluble materials.  This leads to an increase in the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level which in turn leads to dull lifeless looking water, reduced chemical efficiency and generally a spa that is problematic and difficult to maintain.  We can perform a TDS test to determine when it is time to replace your spa water.  As a general guide you can use the formula below to determine how often your spa should be drained and refilled:

Spa litres ÷ daily bathers ÷ 12 = days between draining & refilling

Example: 1,200 litres ÷ 2 daily bathers ÷ 12 = 50 days

What you need to do:

  • Use the above calculation or our advice on how often the spa should be emptied and refilled with fresh water.
  • Remove filter cartridge.
  • Pour 235 ml of Swirl-Away (Hot Tub Pipe Cleaner) into the hot water in the tub.
  • Turn pump on at high speed for one hour with air controls closed.
  • Empty the spa.
  • Clean all the spa’s surfaces with SpaGuard Surface Cleaner.
  • Refill spa with fresh water.
  • Before beginning chemical treatments, bring a water sample to us for full analysis.
  • Add the recommended SpaGuard products as described on your personalised water analysis printout.

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SpaGuard Products

1 = Corrosive
2 = Irritant
3 = Oxidise
4 = Harmful
5 = Dangerous for the environment


Description Pack Size Hazard ID
SpaGuard Balance Pak 100 1kg  
SpaGuard Balance Pak 200 1kg 2
SpaGuard Balance Pak 300 1kg 2
SpaGuard Lo ‘n’ Slo 1.5kg 2
SpaGuard Stain & Scale Control 1ltr 2
SpaGuard Optimiser Plus 1kg  

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Description Pack Size Hazard ID
SpaGuard Fizzy Tabs 650g 4 5
SpaGuard Chlorinated Concentrate 1kg 4 5
SpaGuard Smart Tabs 500g 3 4 5
SpaGuard Brominating Concentrate 500g 3 4 5
SpaGuard Brominating Tabs 500g 1 5

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Description Pack Size Hazard ID
SpaGuard Spa Lite 35g 1 5

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Description Pack Size Hazard ID
SpaGuard Filter Brite 100g 1 5
SpaGuard Surface Cleaner 1ltr 2
SpaGuard Polysheen 1ltr  
SpaGuard Antifoam 1ltr  

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Safety Tips

  • Never allow the water temperature to exceed 40ºC.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages before or during use of the spa.
  • Before children use the spa ensure that the water temperature does not exceed 30ºC.
  • Do not allow children to use the spa without supervision.
  • If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, any cardiovascular condition or on medication consult your doctor before using the spa.
  • Keep all chemical containers sealed and out of the reach of children.
  • Read and follow all chemical label directions regarding their usage and storage.
  • NEVER mix chemicals.
  • Always add chemicals to water and never water to chemicals.
  • Always handle chemicals with care.

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