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Chemical & Water Testing

Correct care and maintenance of the water in your spa and pools is essential, but should not be feared and most certainly not be found to be a laborious and time consuming task.  After all, the less time spent maintaining perfect water quality means more time enjoying it!
At Barton Lake, we are here to help and advise you every step of the way, but once you know what you need to do and learn how to spot early warning signals of in-balances, you will find water care as easy as 1, 2, 3!

There is now no reason why you should not enjoy beautifully clear and healthy water every day.

Here at Barton Lake, we understand the importance of maintaining your water in perfect condition.  This is why we offer a free ‘water test’ at any time to our customers.  With our on-site laboratory, we are able to gain quick results from a water sample and advise accordingly.  

A member of our experienced team is available 7 days a week to offer advice and suggest the correct chemicals and dosage required to correct any imbalance you may be experiencing in your water.

Glossary of Terms

mg/l milligrams per litre
ppm parts per million
Bacteria Microscopic organisms which are introduced into the pool via swimmers, dust, rain and other elements.
Sanitise A process of killing or removing as many micro-organisms as rapidly as possible in order to minimise the risk of infection.
Chlorine/Chlorination The accepted method of disinfecting (sanitising) pool water by destroying bacteria and other micro-organisms in order to prevent algae growth and remove other bather impurities.
Oxidise/Shock Dose A process used to remove a build-up of non-filterable swimmer wastes and aid in algae destruction.
pH The term used to express how acidic or alkaline the water is.
Algae Microscopic forms of plant life that enter the water via rain, wind and dust, and can be free floating or the wall clinging type.
Algaecide Chemicals that prevent and control algae.