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Troubleshooting: Chemicals and Water Testing

Symptom Reason Cure
Cannot maintain chlorine levels Unsatisfied chlorine demand in the water at start up, after holidays or due to excess
contamination or neglect
Shock dose pool with BioGuard® Bio Shock and re-test after 24 hours. If chlorine level still low repeat shock treatment
Too much chlorine Too much chlorine was added to pool This is only a real problem if the chlorine is over 10mg/l (ppm). The chlorine level will naturally dissipate in time or can be reduced by using a chlorine reducer e.g. BioGuard® Chem-Out
pH hard to control pH levels can be difficult to control if the total alkalinity is incorrect Seek advice on the products and method to correct total alkalinity level from Barton Lake
Green water Usually caused by an infestation of algae Shock dose pool with BioGuard® Bio Shock and add BioGuard® Erase
Cloudy water Usually occurs after poor chemical control or inadequate filtration Clean filter, check and if necessary adjust chemical
levels (chlorine & pH). If problem persists use BioGuard® Polysheen Blue to assist filter in removing small particles
Scale formation This can happen in hard water areas due to the high level of calcium and magnesium salts
precipitating out of the water supply
Ensure the correct pH level is being maintained and use BioGuard® Stain & Scale Inhibitor to prevent calcium build up
No colour change on Test Strip pads after being dipped into pool water If chlorine level is over 15mg/l (ppm) the colour on the pads can be ‘bleached’ out Check expiry date on Test Strips. Alternatively, wait for chlorine level to drop and re-test

Remember to bring a sample in and we’ll help you achieve the perfect water balance.