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Water Testing

Barton Lake offers free water testing. We use state of the art equipment as shown in the picture, so whenever you bring us a sample of pool/spa water we can analyse the chemistry for you, input the data into our computer and then provide you with a step by step guide to achieve perfect water balance. 

Although pool and spa water chemistry does differ and the information below is in reference to pool water testing, it can also be applied to spa water testing.

Regular testing of your water is quick and easy using 4-way test strips.  We recommend that you should check the water on a daily basis.  You may be able to reduce this to twice a week when you start to become more confident with your water treatment.

Full instructions on how to use the test strips are printed on the bottle, but we can also give you a demonstration in the showroom.  The whole process only takes about 30 seconds, not long to give you peace of mind that your water is safe and comfortable for bathers.

Dip the Test Strip into your pool for a second before holding it horizontally for 15 seconds.  Match the colours produced against the pre-set standards printed on the bottle.

By regularly testing your water you will soon learn how various techniques like topping up with fresh water and bather usage affects your water test readings.

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Ideal Levels
The table below provides you with the ideal readings for your pool.

Test Ideal Reading
Bromine Ignore this pad if you are using chlorine
Free Chlorine 1 - 3mg/l (ppm)
pH 7.4 - 7.6
Total Alkalinity 125 - 150mg/l*

* Don’t be too concerned about the total alkalinity reading initially. You can learn about this later, once you have mastered looking after your pH.

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pH – The pH scale is 0 to 14 and is the measure of whether pool water is acidic or alkaline.  

pH Description of Water
7 Neutral
Below 7 Acidic
Above 7 Alkaline

Establishing and maintaining the correct pH is important for three reasons.

  1. It determines the effectiveness of chlorine in your pool.
  2. Correct levels prevent corrosion or scaling up of pool equipment.
  3. It regulates bather comfort because acidic water can cause eye and skin irritation.

Testing the pH and maintaining it within the ideal range of 7.4 to 7.6 range will therefore ensure your chlorine disinfectant is optimally used, that you don’t damage your equipment and that bather comfort is maximised.

If your pH is above 7.6 then we recommend a product called BioGuard® Lo ‘n’ Slo to reduce it.

f your pH is below 7.4 then you should use BioGuard® Balance Pak 200 to increase it.

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