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Hot Tub Maintenance

The maintenance of a Jacuzzi hot tub is very easy.  Just follow this simple routine. For more information on hot tub chemicals click on Hot Tub Chemicals within the Chemicals and Water Testing section.

Once a week...
Remove filter, rinse and allow to dry (exchange with extra if possible) every week for three weeks.  On week 4, soak overnight in Spaguard Filter Brite and rinse thoroughly.

Three times a week… (or more frequently depending on usage)
Test and adjust Total Alkalinity, pH and Chlorine Levels.
To increase chlorine levels, add Spaguard Chlorinating Concentrate.

Every 2/3 weeks…
Add one sachet of Spa Lite.

Every 3 months…
Empty, clean and refill spa with fresh water.

Ideal ranges           

  • Chlorine                      1-3ppm
  • pH                                7.2 – 7.6
  • Total Alkalinity            80 – 160ppm

Water Testing

Why not bring a sample of your water down to Barton Lake for testing? For peace of mind, a water test will show up any problems that may have gone unnoticed. Early diagnosis can prevent more serious problems later on and suitable chemicals can be suggested early to reverse the water inaccuracy. With our own laboratory on site, a ‘wait while test’ service is provided.   

Other Speciality Products

Spaguard Antifoam This will prevent foaming as certain substances that are allowed to build up can cause foaming
Spaguard Polysheen This will restore sparkle/polish to your spa
Spaguard Optimiser This removes eye and skin irritation and gives the water a silky feel
Spaguard Surface Cleaner This removes oils, greases and provides less 'scum-line' build up
Spa Fragrances To many to choose from…!

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