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In-Ground Pool Accessories

In ground pool coverThere are so many accessories available to enhance the fun and enjoyment you will most certainly have in your in-ground pool.  

Firstly a pool heater is advisable to not only greatly enhance your swimming experience, but a good heater will also extend your swimming season.  Gas, electric, oil and solar types of heaters are currently available, together with the popular ‘heat pump’ with its inexpensive, yet efficient ability to heat your pool.

Our large choice of covers will ensure that you have the perfect cover for your pool which will help to keep the heat in and prevent leaves and debris from entering the water.

Cleaning your pool should be an easy task rather than a chore.  Barton Lake stocks a number of products and equipment to aid you with your cleaning to guarantee crystal clear water in your pool without you having to lift a finger. This of course leaves you with more time to sit back and relax with your family and friends in your pool.  

Cruiser Cruiser

The Cruiser C400 Automatic Cleaner is easy to use. Simply secure the flexiblehose supplied with the Cruiser directly into the skimer or vacuum point and attach the otehr end to the Cruiser suction head. The suction from the pool circulation pump sets the Cruiser in motion collecting debris, dust and leaves from your pool leaving it clean and inviting. The C400 is designed for use in both above and in ground pools and you can just leave it to operate by itself!

Moby Dolphin Magic Dolphin Dynamic

The Dolphin range of robotic pool cleaning products shown above are quick, easy and fun to use. Their robust construction and state-of-the-art software efficiently scans your pool for optimal cleaning. Various models offer different features like an easy to use remote control with joystick to let you manually guide the robot into difficult to reach corners, a self-learning scanning system that maps and memorises the contours of any pool, wall climbing modes and a choice of cleaning programs. These cleaners come with a three year warranty and are not limited by operating hours.

Underwater lighting will create a beautiful pool display after dark and of course allows you to carry on swimming into the evening hours whenever you wish.

Ladders are often a must for the smaller members of your family to ensure safe entry and exit into the pool.  A number of models are available to choose from.

The fun really begins when it comes to choosing the games and inflatables for your pool.  With inflatables galore, both underwater and above water games to choose from, the fun and frolics will never end in your pool!