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In-Ground Pool Models


There are five basic types of in-ground pools available at Stephen Chamberlain Technical Services.  All types offer an array of unique features and it is usually personal preference that influences our customers' final decision on what type to purchase.

Wooden Pools

Please refer to the Sunsoka models and sizes listed on the Above Ground Pool Models page. The superior quality pressure-treated Sunsoka timber means it will remain just as durable and long-lasting below the ground.

Liner Pools

Liner pools are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are all built to industry standards.   Utilising modern materials and construction techniques and drawing on many years experience, Stephen Chamberlain Technical Services has dramatically reduced the installation time of the modern pool.  Through careful planning we are able to maximise off site preparation.  

Our team has the ability to design and construct the most suitable swimming pool for your location, application and budget.  

The most cost effective construction technique is to provide water integrity and decorative finish with a tailor made vinyl pool liner.   Available in numerous patterns and gauges, a liner pool is now the most popular method of construction for most domestic swimming pool applications.

Concrete Pools

Should your pool setting demand a more traditional approach, the method of construction would be of reinforced concrete to British Standards for water retaining structures.

Many construction techniques are available backed by structural engineering calculations and Stephen Chamberlain Technical Services are able to advise on the most appropriate for your situation.

Concrete swimming pools have traditionally been finished internally with marbelite, a hard wearing resilient plaster finish achieved with white cement and marble chips.

Alternatively, you may prefer to choose a mosaic tile finish from a wealth of mosaic tile patterns which are now available.   The introduction of these will add so much to the appearance and functionality of your swimming pool and how it fits with the surroundings.  

We will be pleased to advise you on the benefits of different types of pool edging, pool decking and surrounding finishes with a wide range of anti-slip frost resistant pool deck designs available.

Indoor Pools

In ground poolIndoor swimming pools are the flag ships of our industry and here at Stephen Chamberlain Technical Services we take great pride in our association with such projects.   We draw from a wealth of experience to ensure that the most appropriate materials are used for internal finishes within the pool hall.

Stephen Chamberlain Technical Services has the ability to advise you on the best way to interface the pool with the building.   Also, with every indoor pool being unique in design, we are able to advise every client on the crucial environmental control necessary to eliminate condensation within the building caused by the inevitable evaporation of the pool water.

Fibreglass Pools

These 'one-piece' pools are so quick and easy to install. The attractive fibreglass pool will fulfil all your requirements and the modern manufacturing technique is a guarantee for long life quality. These pools are supplied with the majority of the plumbing already factory installed and an optional automatic cover.


Stephen Chamberlain Technical Services is experienced in the refurbishment of pools and associated equipment. This may include a total refurbishment, new pipework, equipment or pool finish. Other common refurbishments include a simple liner replacement, new copings, alternative tiles or a new pool surround.

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