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Pool & Spa Enclosure Models

We currently have four pool enclosure models and one spa enclosure model available to our customers.

Endless Summer Pool Enclosures

Endless Summer Pool EnclosureThese pool enclosures are made up of a series of modular components which can be integrated to ensure that the enclosure can accommodate almost any shape pool, pool surround materials and adjoining buildings.  The flexibility of the design and its adaptability will respond to your most creative and imaginative plans.  Besides the standard enclosures, custom designs include retracting, fixed, lean-to, low level and centre opening models.

These enclosures are made from extruded aluminium sections. 

Endless Summer Pool EnclosureThe roofing material is high-tec long-life polycarbonate which ensures temperature stability, limits heat loss and maximises internal reflection of heat in the enclosure.  Mould and algae are dramatically reduced by using a ‘no-drop’ coating which limits the formation of condensation droplets.  The side walls are glazed in a clear acrylic sheet which is 6mm thick.  The material is crystal clear, light-weight, easy to maintain and very durable.

A number of options are available for the doors of your enclosure.


Norwegian Log Pool Enclosures

Norwegian LogSolid log construction offers a warm welcome that lasts indefinitely with only minimal maintenance.  Norwegian Log buildings are constructed with 75mm log, which is much thicker than ordinary wooden buildings.  There is no cladding or boarding, just the pure natural beauty of European Spruce, harvested from the responsibly managed forests of northern Norway.  The log provides a high level of natural insulation, not only keeping you comfortable, but also contributing to low running costs.  Special interlocking corner joints and double tongue and groove jointing means your enclosure is strong and draught free.



AbrisudA lower enclosure especially useful if a normal height would cause a problem.  These covers can be completely removed or stacked at one end of the pool.  The enclosures come with all the benefits of an extended swimming season, increase in water temperature (up to 10 degrees), reduction in chemical usage, cleaning time etc and of course acts as a safety cover.


Aquaflex Air Structure

AquaflexAn economical alternative allowing you to swim whatever the weather and to cut your chemical and heating costs and save on cleaning time.  The structure can be installed in under 4 hours and removed from the pool if required.



IPC Spa Enclosure

Spa SunhouseA single spa enclosure boasting easy assembly. Opening orientation in any direction allows you to create a doorway at anytime. Relax whilst enjoying maximum access to the sunlight. Two models are available, the Spa Dome Orlando and the Spa Sunhouse..