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Sauna Maintenance

Conventional & Infrared Saunas

The sauna cabin
The floor should be mopped out using warm water and disinfectant.  The benches should be sponged down using warm soapy water.  This must be used sparingly to avoid soaking the wood.   If necessary, the heater can be switched on at a low temperature to assist with the drying out of the benches.

Conventional Saunas Only

The sauna heater
The stones should be removed from the stone compartment at least once a month.  Remove any stone dust with a vacuum cleaner and replace crumbling/cracked stones with new stones.  Failure to do this may result in the breakdown of the elements and invalidate any guarantee.

Decoration and treatment
The exterior of the cabin can be decorated as required – painted, varnished, stained.  The wooden floor grating, door handle and door threshold can be sealed using marine varnish to help resist wear and tear.  The benches, backrest, skirting and wooden lampshades can be treated with sauna oil.  However, the internal walls must not be treated at all.