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Sauna Models

Conventional Saunas

The dry heat is generated by a stove and the temperature and humidity can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences. 

Infra Red Saunas

This latest health and beauty development provides all the conventional benefits of a sauna and more through lower temperature sun-simulating technology.  ‘What is Infra Red energy you may ask?’  It is the warm glow you feel on a sunny day, which comes directly from the sun’s rays.   That is why you can feel a sharp drop when a cloud blocks these rays – even though the temperature in the air has not changed.

We currently stock three quality brands of saunas giving you a huge range of models to choose from, ensuring that the perfect sauna is available to you, which meets all your individual requirements.

Benefits of the Infra Red saunas:

  • Burn calories, on average up to 600 calories in a 30/40 minute session, since perspiring increases the heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate. 
  • Infra Red Heat Therapy helps expel toxins and chemicals, and removes dead cells on the surface of the skin through improved circulation, creating a softer and healthier complexion. 
  • Deep penetrating Infra Red Heat helps relieve pain by improving blood flow by expanding the blood vessels to increase circulation and allowing more oxygen to reach the injured or painful areas of the body, at a lower cabin temperature than the conventional sauna.

  • During a fever, the body naturally heats up to eliminate and fight viruses and attack any foreign agents.  Infra Red Heat Therapy creates an ‘artificial fever’ allowing the body to fight foreign organisms.

Sunsoka Infrared Saunas

Infrared Sauna Sunsoka Infrared Saunas have been designed and developed to bring the whole Sauna experience to every home regardless of space and budget and with 4 models in the range there is something for everyone.

The Sunsoka Sauna range has been commended for its ease of construction and variety of models available. Brought to you from BZc, manufacturers of the award winning range of Sunsoka Wooden Pools, the purchase of a Sunsoka Sauna can be made with confidence from a name you can trust.

All models come complete with a built in CD stereo to enhance the enjoyment you get from your sauna. The unit requires minimal space, is completely portable and is perfectly suited for a garage, spare room, etc.  All units come with a 2 Year Warranty.

Assembled in under 2 hours – the four walls click together (you need to provide a suitable floor) then plug into a 13amp socket, pick up your book and relax in the sure knowledge you’re going to come out feeling terrific!

Model Dimensions (cm) Corner Infrared Sauna
1 Person 110 x 100 x 190
2 Person 120 x 105 x 190
3 Person 150 x 120 x 190
4 Person Corner 155 x 60 x 120 x 190

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Saunax Infrared & Traditional Saunas

Essentially, you'll create the identical facilities of an elite day spa in your own home. Our traditional saunas offer all the health benefits of our infrared models - with an extra touch of authenticity for pure sauna enthusiasts. With a 'hard' heat sauna, you'll experience the sensations of a centuries-old European health practice at a highly accessible price.

Model Dimensions (cm)
Pieni 120 x 120
Keski 150 x 150
Suuri 120 x 180
Mahtava 150 x 200

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For decades Tylö has been widely recognised as the world’s leading sauna manufacturer.  These Swedish saunas are synonymous with high quality.  Tylö saunas are built for all kinds of bathing: dry saunas, wet saunas, steam saunas and herbal saunas.  So Tylö sauna timbers need to stand the extremes which is why only the finest spruce, aspen, North American alder, obeche and pine are used.  The saunas come complete with all the essential components – heaters, climate control units etc.

These saunas are available in both standard and custom sizes with unlimited potential for luxury fittings and lighting effects. Please refer to information on the floorplans for details of the correct output of a suitable heater.

Classic sauna rooms

If you ask people to describe a genuine sauna, the chances are that their description is more or less identical to a Tylö Classic room. The standard Classic model is the epitome of a traditional sauna, both inside and out. At the same time, it's easy to adapt a Classic sauna room to its surroundings. Choose Classic Special if you want to add a finish that blends in perfectly with the rest of your bathroom decor. It's as versatile as your imagination.

The characteristic feature of this classic sauna room is the beautiful blonde spruce panelling of the walls and ceiling. The knotty wood and the special scent help create the cosy, rustic appeal of this sauna room. Classic sauna rooms are available in 16 sizes. All are designed to be placed in an existing corner and come with two outer walls finished in covering panels.

pdfClassic Floor Layouts

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Grand Luxe sauna rooms

Grand Luxe sauna rooms come in the same sizes and basic models as the Classic series. The difference is in the choice of timber - the panelling inside and out, plus all the interior fittings, are in natural blonde aspen. Here too, you can give free rein to your imagination or adapt the exterior to your existing decoration. All you need is a little woodstain, for example. The welcoming glass door, which can be hung to open either left or right, has a beautifully finished wooden handle and is set firmly into a solid wooden frame. Tinted safety glass and a magnetic door catch come as standard.

pdfGrand Luxe Floor Layouts

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Alu Line sauna rooms

Alu Line sauna roomAlu Line is a popular series of sauna rooms characterised by clean lines an a highly distinctive design. Seen from the outside, the large expanses of glass and naturally anodised aluminium profiles create a sensation of restrained elegance that blends in effortlessly with most modern bathroom designs.

As soon as you step inside, you start to experience that genuine sauna feeling. The beautiful wood panelling and the concealed lighting behind the backrests geberate a warm, welcoming atmosphere. At the same time, the exquisitely designed benches and backrests send out a clear signal that the Alu Line series belongs to the higher echelons of sauna design.

Alu Line sauna rooms come in four sizes, all of which feature space saving corner doors.

pdfAlu Line Floor Layouts

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Round Vision sauna rooms

The uniquely innovative shape of Round Vision has set a new standard for what a sauna room can look like. With its large expanses of glass, beautifully rounded front and alderwood frame, this sauna is not only an aesthetic exclamation mark in any contemporary bathroom, but also an ingenious solution for providing a sensation of space in settings where space is limited.

Round Vision sauna rooms come in two sizes, specifically designed for domestic bathrooms.

pdfRound Vision Floor Layouts

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Space Vision sauna rooms

Space Vision sauna roomThe name says it all. Space Vision has been designed for those who enjoy saunas surrounded by light and a sensation of space. Among the most distinctive characteristics of this exclusive range of sauna rooms are the bold sweep of the rounded corner, the generous expanses glass and the tasteful combination of different woods.

Recessed downlights in the decorative soffit bathe the American alderwood of the external walls in an inviting, warm glow. The inside walls and ceiling in natural aspen form an attractive contrast to the slender strips of alder used for the interior fittings. Space Vision comes in three models, all of which can be installed mirror-fashion.

pdfSpace Vision Floor Layouts

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Midi Vision sauna rooms

Yes, it is possible for a sauna to feel roomy and yet be compact in size at the same time! The new Midi Vision concept provides visible proof! This exclusive but welcoming design with practical corner access has been specially developed to fit elegantly into both public facilities and home spas.

The shape reflects many of the features of our other Vision models: an attractive exterior with large expanses of glass, and wall panels in the finest aspen, crowned with a decorative soffit with its own recessed downlights. The beautifully rounded glass door can be placed in either corner to open left or right, thus increasing the opportunities to install Midi Vision as part of a well-planned home spa. The door has a sturdy frame of alder and a handle with a magnetic catch. The glass, like all other glazed surfaces, is tempered safety glass.

pdfMidi Vision Floor Layout

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Vital Vision sauna rooms

Vital Vision is without a doubt the most exclusive of all our prefabricated sauna rooms. With its specially selected maerials, boldly innovative design and generously equipped features, Vital Vision raises the standard in any relaxation suite to the level of a custom-made sauna room.

The most striking feature is the rounded bar section in solid alderwood with a front of brushed aluminium. The bar is a pleasure to behold, at the same time as it is eminently practical with all its shelves and compartments, bottle rack and room for a small fridge, flatscreen TV and DVD player.

pdfVital Vision Floor Layout

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Tylö VIP Design Saunas

Every VIP sauna is designed in accordance with the client’s personal wishes and built to order.  With state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled craftsmen, anything is possible in the design of your unique sauna.

Simply specify your choice of wood and send us a scale drawing of the room in which the sauna is to be built and Tylö will supply you free of charge with a complete layout proposal and a full quotation with fixed prices.

Other superior features available with the special VIP sauna room include windows, fold up benches, external wall material of your choice, bays, verandas or even pillars to personalise your entrance.

wood samples - alder, aspen and spruce

The VIP design concept opens up unique opportunities to design and build exactly the sauna you want – the only limit is your imagination.

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