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Steam Room Maintenance

Due to the environment of the steam room, the same cleaning process needs to be applied as would be employed with a plastic domestic bath.  The walls and seats should therefore be rubbed down daily with warm water and a non-abrasive disinfectant cleaner.  The floor should be mopped down using a disinfectant cleaner.  Leave the door open after cleaning to allow fresh air to circulate.

Steam Generator Maintenance

The generator has an automatic backwash function to flush away any deposits.  This function is totally reliant on the power to the generator being maintained for at least 80 minutes after the control panel is switched off.

To ensure a prolonged working life of the generator, a water softener is recommended.  We would also recommend that our recommended de-scaling schedule is followed.

Tylo solvent de-scaling is harmless and odourless, so you can enjoy a full steam bath at the same time as you de-scale the generator.  However, if you use another brand of de-scaling agent, it is not advisable to use the steam room during the de-scaling process.